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Modular houses are becoming more and more common today. The development of building materials used in modular buildings and the diversification of the product range make the modular house even more comfortable, convenient and profitable. The modular houses are formed by combining the components produced in the factory according to the wishes of the customer and creating different living spaces. In this sense, in fact prefabricated houses in Izmir also can be called the buildings made of modular structures. With the product range, the components that make up the structures and the development of prefabricated technology, modular houses are as useful and comfortable as other traditional buildings. Modular house heat and sound insulation, the quality of the material used, durability and durability for many years in terms of concrete structures do not look at all. In addition, it is another reason that module houses are preferred because it is built in a short time and its cost is low compared to reinforced concrete structures. You can have a modular house with the same comfort and quality for less time and money than you would spend in a house built with a traditional architectural style.

Modular houses are created by combining the materials that make up the building in a different place from the construction site to the desired location. Prefabricated parts are also settled in the field. The modules can be combined side-by-side or end-to-end so that they can be used in different configurations and in different styles. Prefabricated house meander became widespread with the increase in the number of hobby gardens in the region

The modular building parts designed and produced in the factory environment started to be mounted on the ground where the concrete was laid or the scaffold was made ready. The steel structure that forms the basic structure of the building, the connection means and the rough materials of the structure are made ready. Immediately after the modular house roof, windows and doors are placed. Insulation materials are also added and the rough installation is completed. The latest electrical and water fittings are added. Floor coverings and special home accessories, if any, are added to the customer's request and the structure is completed in a short time. Izmir house-to-house transportation service can also be transferred to the desired location


  • According to the wishes and needs of people can be produced,
  • More economical than other structures,
  • Due to the fact that the buildings are manufactured in the factory according to a certain plan, there is no interruption on the delivery date,
  • Comfort and quality that will not search for traditional buildings due to the developing modular home production technology,
  • to cause less damage in the area to be constructed than traditional structures,
  • Modular houses can be changed or renewable according to changing needs,
  • Can be dismantled and moved to the desired location,
  • Resistant to natural disasters,
  • Long life, modular y


Today, the modular houses that develop and become widespread to the comfort and quality of traditional buildings can be used in many areas. Modular buildings with a wide range of use can be used to construct construction sites, classrooms, even schools, military residences, various production facilities. Modular houses can be built with permanent or temporary facilities and buildings. In this sense, it is the first method that they apply for people especially in situations requiring urgent solutions.

Modular houses can be built in any desired area or can be used to meet the need for shelter in rural and remote areas where traditional structures cannot be established. . It can be used for a construction site where access to city centers is difficult or for an industrial area. In addition, it is widely preferred in places of worship, temporary or permanent health facilities, sales offices etc.

In addition, modular houses are the first solution that comes to mind in emergencies. These are the structures that can be preferred to solve the housing problem after various natural disasters such as earthquake. Modular houses are preferred frequently in situations requiring urgent solutions because they are able to produce life-saving solutions and are fast and practical.

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