What are the Benefits of Centaury Oil?

In this article the benefits of centaury tea and centaury oil will focus on issues. One of the miraculous plants used in these natural methods is Kantaron.

Even the tea made with this plant is called doğal natural antidepressant arasında among the people. . It has antiseptic properties

It wages war against infections that may occur in wounds and prevents inflammation. Prevents the formation of acne

2. Master of Cell Regeneration

Provides quick healing in burned or injured area. Relieves burn pain. Cell regeneration helps to remove scars. Used in diaper rash treatments. Do not expose to the sun after application to the skin.

3. Massage Oil

After a tired day, rubbing your legs, arms and back will comfort you.

4. Hair is Friendly

Reductions in hair loss are observed when applied to hair.

In this way we can summarize the benefits of St. John's wort oil. We also discussed the benefits of St. John's wort tea separately.

You can buy oil and tea, or you can make it at home if you want.

Centaury Oil How to Make

 Centaury Oil

Production is very simple. Place the St. John's Wort plants in a jar. Let's fill the jar, but don't crush the plants. Then pure olive oil is poured into the jar until the jar is filled. That's the mix. Cheesecloth is stretched to the jar and the lid is not closed. It is kept in the sun for five days. At the end of five days, the cap is closed to prevent air and it is kept under the sun for 45 days.

How to Make Centaurus Tea? What are the benefits of St. John's Wort

Let us have a look at the preparation of centaury tea with incredible benefits: After taking our boiling water from the stove, we pour 3-4 spoons of dried centaury tea into it. After brewing for 10 minutes, we fill the cups. You can sweeten it by adding honey, molasses or lemon according to your preference. The brewing time is important. It is a herbal tea that hurts more quickly than normal tea. For this reason, it is called as ant natural antideprasant arasında among the people. However, the use of antideprasant medicines is not recommended to use the St. John's wort tea. Solves and regulates the digestion process. It provides relief and prevents stress insomnia.

Prevents hormonal disorders such as thyroid. Provides balance in hormone levels. Relieves joint, muscle, and headaches

We have outlined the benefits of this miraculous plant. As you can see, a lot of trouble. However, we recommend you to use it with your doctor's knowledge in skin applications.

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