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The shift in the Internet world of advertising was an inevitable necessity for the development of the sector and the development of itself according to current needs. Just as the invention of electricity gave birth to a life that we cannot do without it, the internet has created a space and a way of life that is used at any time, even for individuals living in the most remote villages. In this respect, the Internet is one of the most important areas of the advertising sector where it pays attention and spends time. With the spread of Internet ads, users can become cognitively insensitive to Internet advertisements. The last thing that both advertisers and advertisers want is that the ads that are prepared and published by spending millions of dollars do not reach the user.
In this article, the Internet advertisements, which are known as banner blindness or purposeful blindness, can be overcome by the conscious or automatic indifference of the users, thus increasing site traffic and cash flow.

1. Check Where You Place Ads

When people are constantly confronted with similar page designs and banner ad patterns, they naturally develop blindness to the possible points they can take place. In summary, routine beats stereotyping. For this reason, it is more accurate to place your ads on the page between the right and left sides and the text instead of the text. Also, adding the text between the beginning of the video and the text entry will increase the attractiveness of the ads compared to the traditional placement points. In fact, it is more accurate to change ad placements frequently. Keep Ad and Page Content Compatible

Ads that appeal to users' needs most appeal to their needs. One of the key points for an advertiser to reach the user is to accurately identify the needs of their customers and offer appropriate advertising models. To understand content and ad compliance:
A- Run your ads after identifying what your page visitors need most
B- Use keywords that directly represent and promote the needs of your audience
C- Make sure you choose the right ad company be. In this way, you can affect your target audience in private, you can reach the channels where this audience.
D- Pay attention to the use of cookies in order to produce more relevant ads. This will give you more data about users who visit your site. This provides more useful, enjoyable, relevant ad designs.
Finally, it may help to mention two services that make content ad compliance easier. Taboola and Outbrain services offer you this service free of charge for now

3. Try to Stand Out of Standards in Size, Color and Style

Although creative in shape and content, seeing the same things over and over again will cause boring and purposeful blindness for the user. This will reduce the performance of ads . In this context, the following recommendations may be useful:

A- In order to increase the permanence in mind to create advertising space, try out new forms and designs and place them in a variable place on the page.
B- When creating your ad banner not as an element;
C- Try using innovative 3D design effects with eccentric colors and designs in your ads.
Finally, if you need to give a site recommendation that serves in this context, we can talk about Canva and Infolinks. These two sites serve the best, most remarkable banners for advertisers and advertisers to create an emotional connection to users in a story

4. Try to Optimize Your Ads Separately for Mobile Devices

Smartphone technology continues to be the most effective medium in which individuals can interact and interact with the world today and in the near future. In this regard, advertising designs must be designed to be based on mobile devices and optimization should be given importance. When designing and optimizing mobile devices, the following issues should be considered:
A- More emphasis should be placed on advertising for mobile devices in video or animation format
B- For mobile devices should publish more ads to be published in social media applications.
C- Add online support or ara call now ”button to ads
It is very important to pay attention to certain points in general for mobile ads. If users do not want to see ads, it is necessary to offer offers such as premiums or regular subscriptions and to give less advertising sweat to avoid smothering the already narrow device screen.

5. Produce or Join Affiliate Programs

Often, the right thing to do to select the right ad or to reach the right customers is to meet and participate in partner programs with other entrepreneurs in the field. Partner programs share the user base of companies, providing unity for both users and companies for easier and faster accessibility.
Infolinks is the most common platform that offers partnership programs. Infolinks presents your page or ad to a large network of users in a very effective way for 12 months.

6. Turn Your Page into a Shared Space of Passion

Sites where people are most connected and interested are the sites where they can find their own passion. This also means deepening and professionalizing in a field. Nature, cycling, swimming, travel, adventure, technology, etc. in the fields of personal experience anecdotes written with knitted articles are the most popular media. Advertising to these points and scattering ads in these anecdotes will increase advertising persistence. Create Test Platforms

Our final advice is based on continuous improvement of all six above. Try every new change you make before you implement it. Experimenting and involving users naturally improves the quality of your site design and the visibility of the content

Last but not least, advertising means money. Again, it is important to remember that an effective and successful advertisement is important for the promotion of your site and serving the users in real terms.

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