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Problematic births due to various complications have increased considerably in recent years. Increasing gestational age in women, stress caused by urban and business life, and the widespread use of GMO products are the main reasons why births are problematic. All these situations require alternative care and treatment methods. Kangaroo care is the most common of these treatments. Kangaroo care or therapy, which is commonly used in preterm delivery services, is a special treatment that reveals the incredible nature of the baby-parent relationship. Kangaroo care, which is the subject of remarkable life-keeping stories on social media platforms, is still a form of treatment that experts are researching in various aspects, but it has been used for thousands of years. The World Health Organization describes kangaroo treatment as özel a special care and follow-up practice that includes continuous and long-term skin contact and breastfeeding support between newborns and parents. Johnny

Johnny and Marianny, bond with their twin daughters Zamira through Kangaroo care or skin-to-skin contact.

Most births develop in a complicated way, contrary to expectations, and are traumatic and stressful to look after the child. can. Complications may be associated with anxiety, fatigue, anger, guilt and depression, leading to undesirable conditions on both the mother and her baby. Kangaroo care is exactly how the baby was born in this way; mother's or father's chest lying naked on the chest of the baby's body temperature, rhythm harmony with the comfort of harmony, rhythm harmony, emotional mutual support as a treatment that offers the opportunity. Stress and fatigue experienced before and after birth in the newborn baby are tried to be overcome in this way. Thanks to its relatively easy, inexpensive and uncomplicated application procedure, it is one of the maintenance methods recommended by early-day services.
• The baby's head circumference provides a balanced growth and accelerates weight gain. • Provides a balance of alertness
• Prevents the baby's moods, restlessness and colic because it is in a warm and reassuring contact.
• Immunized as a combination of the benefits mentioned above. It makes the baby more resistant to infections due to its positive contribution to the light system.
• It is not only a baby but also a regulator and supporter for the mother. Naturally, the mother's milk production hormones start to work faster and more efficiently and the milk yield increases. Milk yield and positive emotional contact with the baby also contribute to the prevention of maternal depression that may occur in the mother.
• It is possible for the baby to be discharged early from the hospital as all these supportive care practices provide a stronger recovery and development of the baby.
In addition to the abovementioned benefits, pressure research suggests that kangaroo treatment has many positive aspects not only in the short term but also in the long term after birth . According to these studies, social competence develops rapidly and early in a child who has received kangaroo care from infancy to childhood. A positive sense of self is formed. It becomes more advanced in terms of cognitive and psychomotor skills. All of these benefits are a positive neural reflection of brain development. The data provided by the Association contributed to the celebration of Kang International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day birçok on 15 May each year in many countries. According to the results of APB, long-term social and behavioral protective effects are seen even after 20 years in infants receiving kangaroo treatment. Studies examining the effects of IQ and home environment on infants receiving this treatment for 1 year show that even kangaroo treatment effects are present even in the most fragile individuals, their interviews with their parents, their absenteeism, hyperactivity levels and aggression tendencies as low as possible [19]. When to start Kangaroo Treatment

Kangaroo treatment can be started within the first month after birth, unless there is a condition that needs to be supported by devices or a risk of infectious disease, depending on the general health status of the baby. To begin the treatment of kangaroo, experts recommend stabilizing the baby's overall health indicators. Kangaroo treatment in incubators in ventilator support, even babies who breathe in a controlled short sessions of kangaroo treatment is indicated to be beneficial.

Kangaroo Treatment How and How to Apply

Kangaroo care support above all need a comfortable and peaceful environment has. The mother or father is supported by a pillow so that the baby is in a comfortable position. If the parent is comfortable, it can be applied even when standing in a balanced and safe position. The newborn unit of many hospitals has dedicated spaces for kangaroo care of parents. During kangaroo treatment, it is possible to contact the skin and the skin in a way that the parent is undressed. The bottom of the baby is tied and covered with a light blanket to protect the heat and provide privacy. During treatment, the nurse monitors and monitors the child's health indicators both physically and frequently. Kangaroo care provides a highly effective socializing and socializing opportunity for babies and parents as well as many healing aspects. During care, parents have the opportunity to sing and humor to their babies and to think and pray for gratitude in this peaceful environment. Again, due to the method of application of kangaroo treatment, the baby's scent, breath and soft humming created by heart rhythm provide a unique bond and experience for parents.

Kangaroo Therapy Supports Fathers for Roles it can also be the cause of traumatic conditions that fade in the father. However, it means that not only the mother but also the father plays an active role in the baby's recovery. Kangaroo treatment has many reinforcing benefits for mothers and provides the same positive conditions for fathers. The father's feelings of paternity are strengthened in this treatment. Positive lasting ties with her child are formed. By reducing the effects of birth-related anxiety and stress, it is possible for the father to become more calm and peaceful. Even this aspect of treatment shows that it is very beneficial for fathers. However, some medical authorities claim that kangaroo treatment is not as effective as exaggerated, and that its effects are more limited than claimed. According to one of these studies, it is stated that kangaroo treatment gives positive results only in infants who are less than two pounds and up to the fourth month and has serious risks if not applied carefully.

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