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Especially in Erzurum province, Eastern Anatolia Region and some districts of Artvin tea sugar is not mixed instead of sugar cube sugar is melted in the mouth to drink tea. This tradition, which is among the indispensables of Erzurum, comes from the 19th century. In the years when the tea came to Erzurum, there was no sugar, and fruits such as dried mulberry and prunes were used as sweeteners to drink tea. Later, sugar was imported from Russia. The sugars from Russia were molded and sold with a tool called taka-tuka. At that time, because of poverty, the value of goods, food, in short, everything was known more. Therefore, it was used economically to benefit from the sugar taken longer. For this reason, the sugar used as a sweetener while drinking tea, teeth and small parts of their teeth were used to compress. Thus, 4-5 cups of tea can be drunk with a shortening sugar. The word lama scarring inden comes from the “scarce” sound that occurs when the sugar is broken between two teeth. Erzurum is known as the sugar which is drunk. The sugar used is harder, longer, amorphous and hard to melt than other sugars. This sugar-specific scissors and small cuts are available to cut them into smaller pieces. Although it is intense in this way, the sugar content is not disturbing.
This behavior, which was initially made due to material, became a habit later and was used by most people from young to old. In fact, some people in the Erzurum families settled outside Erzurum have continued the same tradition (habit). In this way, people who have become a habit can not drink tea by mixing sugar into tea. They say lama they taste tea by making a scar “. When you go to any coffee in Erzurum, there is no spoon next to the tea. On the other hand, some people on a diet, some diabetics who can't give up sugar, some people who avoid three whites (flour, salt, sugar) for healthy life are less likely.
They drink tea with shortage sugar to consume sugar.


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