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Ferrari; We are living in the age of technology, now car is an essential requirement for all of us. There are very expensive cars, especially sports cars. Buying a zero car is not enough for everyone. But it is good that we have to buy used cars. Buying a second car for less than zero won't harm your budget. Buying a used car may be more appropriate, but there are many things to consider when buying a used car. Especially if the car was stolen or not should be very careful. Before taking the car to an auto mechanic must be taken to the car, how to look at the driving, the tires on the same axle levels should be checked well. Besides that, of course, what kind of model would you like to have? If you want a robust, sporty, powerful car with an engine, the money is not that important l If you want my car to be of quality, we recommend you nothing but Ferrari. At Ferrari we offer you careful workmanship and quality at every stage of the car's construction. Second hand, though, this quality is in front of the eyes of Ferrari. Create legends with Ferrari. How did Ferrari become a legend?

History of Ferrari

Ferrari is an Italian brand. It all starts in 1920 when Enzo Ferrari became Alfa Romeo's racer. Enzo was as good at the race as he was at the cars. He was very interested in the cars he was going to race. When his son was born, Enzo quit competitions and started a car workshop of his own. But he leaves because of the war. In 1946 he founded Ferrari in Moranello. Ferrari became the biggest name in auto racing. Gradually, financial difficulties began. Enzo borrowed money from the mafia and was unable to pay it back. As a result, the mafia poisoned Enzo Ferrari's son Dino, although it could not be proved. Enzo Ferrari even designed a series for his son Dino. Ferrari slowly began to disappear. Money began to suffer. In 1969, he sold half of his shares to Fiat. In 1988, Fiat held approximately 90% of the shares of Ferrari.

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