About peopleWHAT

A new generation blog that creates ideas, articles and content by approaching the agenda in a realistic and objective framework on the issues that occupy the agenda with the motto “True Knowledge True Power”

PeopleWhat Makes it easy to access information, but it allows you to question it. He never concentrates on theories which are likely to be exact.

Creates a process of creating content in the form of innovative and innovative insights.

peoplewhat.com Usage Notes

  • peoplewhat.com is an information retrieval blog.
  • peoplewhat.com publishes articles prepared or compiled by their authors and editors.
  • peoplewhat.com finances itself with advertising display, not for profit.
  • Established for the benefit of society.
  • peoplewhat.com does not give investment advice, financial and financial guidance to the content published in the fields of economy and finance, and does not try to influence the free will of individuals.
  • peoplewhat.com compiles the contents of health, beauty and natural nutrition to doctor’s advice and content accepted in medical literature.
  • Provides general information for social information in health and beauty categories. Certainly, no diagnosis, diagnosis and treatment methods are given, recommended and directed in the medical field and health.
  • peoplewhat.com respects YMYL philosophy and tries to fulfill its criteria. He is hesitant to give information and advice that will adversely affect people’s lives.
  • peoplewhat.com is a Google- friendly blog.

Organization chart

peoplewhat.com, with its team of many writers and editors, produces content on topics that will benefit the society in the most current and understandable way.

Our team, which we call peopleWHAT Research Group during the content creation process , presents many different filtered information to its visitors in order to contribute to the process of creating homework and thesis of students and lecturers on subjects that are of interest to people.

peoplewhat.com all the content production and publishing process mentioned team and team members and our identity are as follows.


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