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Have you ever dreamed of having an exotic pet? Some people have experienced this fantasy with wild animals accompanying them. We've told you some disturbing weird stories that contain some of the strangest pets on the planet. But it can lead to nightmares in the strange and wacky, awake world. Unfortunately, if you've dreamed of hovering behind an unusual creature, this list reveals 10 times when these beloved friends became deadly.

10 Cassowary Bird

The world's most dangerous bird, both the ostrich and the ostrich, also appeared to win. Although a cassowary is as tall as a human being, the real threat is closer to the ground. The bird has 10 centimeters (4 inches) of sword for claws at the end of his ridiculously strong legs. A kick from Cassowary can kill you with both trauma to the blind force and blood loss. Naturally, sometimes they are sought as pets by exotic animal collectors. In Florida, a 75-year-old man was breeding these birds until someone attacked him in 2019. According to the authorities, he fell accidentally and hit the bird. The man was probably destroyed from the moment he hit the ground because a cassowary could run up to 50 kilometers per hour and jump 2.1 meters (7 ft) into the air, even though it wasn't flying. for the first time a cassowary attack made headlines. In 2012, a man was chased by a cassowary and squeezed into the corner of a cliff above a water pool in Australia. The bird then kicked him in the back, making the set go down. He survived, but he had bruises and a torn shirt. He had done nothing to upset the cassowary other than being close, but he still decided to attack.

9. A Red Deer and Elk Hybrid

Paul McDonald was killed by a red deer and a deer hybrid (also known as a wapiti) at his Australian farm. His family normally hid ninety-one animals for years before they attacked Paul in 2019. It was found that the reason for the sudden change in mood was the mating season. The animal's hormones are activated. Red deer type deer live as social animals for 10 months of the year, but for two months they enter a period of “anger” where they exhibit more aggression and other sexual behavior. According to research on wild deer populations, changes in testosterone are strongly linked. Therefore, both castration and social isolation are useful in preventing dangerous explosions in animals during the mating season. Unfortunately, although this animal was relatively isolated from other deer, it unexpectedly became violent. One morning, Paul, his wife and son, went to feed the hybrid breakfast when he heard a commotion from the animal's territory during the animal's attack. His wife tried to intervene, but was wounded by the animal. His son went to get help. After the paramedics and police arrived, they treated the wounds and shot the hybrid. Paul died of his wounds, but his wife survived. She moved to a hospital. Fortunately, it improved after a few operations

8. Hippopotamus

In 2011, headlines were made when a South African man named Marius Els was killed by a pet hippo he called Humphrey. Death was remarkable because Els and Humphrey appeared together in the media and in videos of seemingly friendly ties together. Earlier in the year Els was killed, YouTube uploaded a video titled “Pet Hippo: My Love Humphrey’. He saved Humphrey from a flood as a cub. About six years later, Humphrey bit him repeatedly, carving him and killing Els. For the first time, it wasn't killed by 1,179 kilograms (2,600 lb) of mammal Humphrey. He also destroyed many cows previously owned by Els' business partner. Els's friends reportedly knew that it was only a matter of time before the most deadly animal in Africa separated from a human being. They kill more than a few dangerous species, including hippos, elephants, lions, leopards and rhinos. Els was known for his dangerous stunt with Humphrey, especially because he took photographs on the animal's back. At some point after Els's death, Humphrey attacked two men who were very close to him in the river and wandered by canoe, and forced them to climb a tree for safety and stayed there for hours.

7. Monkey, the Southern Pig-Tailed Macaque

may not sound like the most dangerous animals in the world. We often associate them with funny behaviors such as eating bananas and dropping stools. However, the bites of monkeys can be fatal, especially in 2019, a major arterial bite in Malaysia. A 72-year-old man and his son were attacked by domestic monkeys, both trying to climb trees and pick fruit. It was an old man who died despite the damage to his son's neck. The monkey was trained to collect coconuts like a palm tree by going to something called a monkey school. In Malaysia, monkey schools train a species called pig-tailed macaques to buy these fruits to help the local economy. Monkeys were trained in this way for at least 100 years and each was typically trained in a school for 2-3 weeks. Three weeks before he started working as a coconut picker. Training begins by engaging the monkey against coconuts by encouraging them to play with them. It then proceeds to other stages in which the monkey is taught movements and commands. The killer monkey was older than the ideal age for these animals to begin their education, so schooling did not work so well for this monkey. The son discovered that his father was lying in coconut groves, so he went to investigate whether he was attacked by the monkey. A neighbor heard cries and his son was rescued. But it was too late for the father. It is not known whether the monkey misused his head for coconut in need of harvest or if he was in the air biting his neck for some other reason

. Black Bear

In 2009, a pet named Black Bear killed one of his owners. Despite the animal's pleasant name, it was not a particularly cute murder. Kelly Ann and Michael Walz lived in Pennsylvania, where Michael was previously licensed as an exotic pet dealer. This license expired until the bear killed his wife. Unfortunately, Walzes kept various animals in cages on his property. These included a lion, a tiger, a jaguar, a leopard, relatively small savanna cats called servings, and a bear. But it was Kelly Ann who cleaned up the black bear's cage on a Sunday night, even though Michael got an animal permit. When the accident happened. To keep the bear busy, he threw a shovel full of dog food on one side of the cage while cleaning the other side. The bear attacked him while he was cleaning up. Kelly Ann has been raising the bear for nine months since she was a cub. Bear cubs are relatively easy to use. According to experts, however, any relationship with a cub is destroyed when the bear reaches the age of four and shows violent behavioral outbursts. Despite the attempts (especially in Russia), the bears could not be domesticated successfully. They are considered wild and unpredictable animals, even if they have lived among humans for a long time

. Camel

Assuming, what would you give your wife for her 60th birthday? Jewelry? What about a baby camel? It was Pam Weaver's husband's birthday present to her in 2007. Weaver, who lived in Australia, was an animal lover who raised goats, kangaroos, emus and rabbits before. Having a camel in Australia is not as strange as it seems. On the continent, many wild camels have lived since it was introduced as a pack animal in the 1800s. In fact, there are more than a million wild single-humped camels that roam Australia's borders as unusual invasive species. Each year, they cause millions of mines to be damaged, and they have problems in general. It is thought that the pet camel crashed Pam Weaver down and then killed him and shot him in the corpse. Pam had grown the camel almost since he was born and was only 10 months old when the tragedy took place. Reportedly, the camel had previously behaved unbalanced. For example, Weaver's straying domestic goat. One expert said that strange behavior was undoubtedly sexual in nature and that the young camel was trying to engage in some kind of mating behavior. Of course, the headlines did not waste time with insensitive hooligans and declared that she had hit the woman to death.

4. Crocodile

In January 2019, an Indonesian woman fell into an outdoor safe containing an illegally crocodile named Merry. The woman's name was Deasy Tuwo and she headed a pearl farm lab that produces beauty products. It was not known what a crocodile did in the laboratory property because these creatures were not known for their beauty. But apparently, she was fed like a pet. It is believed that Tuwo accidentally fell into the case or that the crocodile could infiltrate enough of the 2.4 meter (8 ft) concrete wall. Crocodiles make a strong jump using their tails to push the water out almost entirely from the water they swim. In some places it is a popular tourist spot called “jumping crocodile trip, tutarak where mocking meat and crocodiles by holding meats above the water. When the body of Tuwo was found, Merry was found to have eaten one of Tuwo's ​​hands and most of his belly. All police, army and security guards stepped in to remove dangerous and illegal reptiles. Merry took dozens of people to organize and complete the three-hour operation to evacuate the Crocodile. He was then tied to a flatbed truck and taken to a wildlife rescue center

3. Elephant

A man named Ram Lakhan Verma was a politician in India connected to a political party called the Bahujan Samaj Party. The official symbol elephant of the party. As a kind of trick, Verma hired an elephant as a pet to use during his political campaigns. In 2003, the elephant began to behave wildly. So Verma brought her to the outskirts of the village and tried to calm her down. At first, it seemed to be working, but then the elephant got angry again. At this point, Verma held on and tried to hit the animal's forehead with a sharp iron bar. Eyewitnesses reported that the gun was placed in the elephant's ear. Verma then lost her balance and fell to the ground. The panicked elephant crushed him to death and returned to the village. Unfortunately the villagers were ready for the rickety animal. They shot Elephant, firing more than 200 times in total with their weapons. Did the mascot massacre affect the political party's chances? In the next country election in India after the death of the elephant and its owner, the Bahujan Samaj Party won the state council election with a coalition majority that had not been seen for more than a decade.

2. Antelopes

Gnu, a species of African antelope, most often the most remote, weighs hundreds of pounds, and both males and females grow large and scary horns. This did not prevent a man in India from keeping three antelopes as pets: an adult male, an adult woman, and a calf born to adults. In 2004, Klaus “man” Radandt was crushed by one of the most powerful antelopes behind his house. Most of the animal horns were cut off to make it safer, but it turned out that it didn't matter. The coroner explained that the antelope was traumatized by blind force on the owner's head and chest, possibly by bumping his head and then crushing it. It was the beginning of the mating season. He might be more aggressive so Radandt doesn't have to stay around his wife for long. Radandt and his wife kept ostriches, ostriches, reindeers and other exotic animals on the farm where they killed them. After realizing that his wife had not returned from the barn for a while, he discovered Radandt's body. He probably didn't react well when he discovered the body among the weakness of the gnus. Yes, a herd of gnus is called nonconformity. At least you learned this amusing truth from this sad story!

1. Black Mamba Snake

A couple in Putnam New York held 75 snakes in their home, including a black mamba. Black mamba is considered the world's deadliest snake due to its neurotoxin power. The snakes weren't just roaming between cabinets and furniture. They were found in various glass aquariums and acrylic snake pens. Unfortunately, the locks on the black mamba's vault were mysteriously open one day. In 2011, 1.5 meters (5 ft) poisoned reptile owner Aleta Stacey'nin bit the forearm. Known for snake venom, approximately 100 percent of bite victims die within 20 minutes if left untreated. Stacey died of a bite, and it turned out she didn't call for help. There has been some controversy that death may be deliberate, but there is no evidence of it. Her boyfriend discovered her body and found that the snake's cage was unlocked. The possession of some snakes was illegal, especially more than half of them had poison (known as the cobra they had) that was known to be harmful to humans. ). Eventually, the pile of snakes, including the black mamba, was handed over to the Bronx Zoo.


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